Danish Society for Parasitology



DSP serves as a network for professionals and students involved with parasitology in Denmark and covers research, education, as well as control and management of parasitic diseases. The society organizes a national symposium annually with ~80 delegates.


DSP looks more forward than backward and is proud to present a number of outstanding research groups and individual scientists among the 70 members. DSP spans a wide expertise within the expanding fields of parasitology in the 21st century.




Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP)


SBSP is an active international society that encourages and promotes parasitology in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. SBSP was founded in 2003 by fusion of Scandinavian Society for Parasitology (est. 1967 in Denmark) and Baltic Society for Parasitology (est. 1993) and has more than 130 members. The society organizes an international congress every second year, and hosted a wonderful EMOP XII in 2016.


The logo of SBSP illustrates the old Norse belief of the framework of the universe, the Yggdrasil tree. The parasites in the tree are an important part of the world, and may refer to the Midgaard Serpent, Jörmungandr. The story about the serpent is a worm-problem in mythological context that took great effort to control, not unlike some parasitic problems of our world today.


Organizing Committee (OC)





Pikka Jokelainen


Peter Nejsum


Jakob Skov (not in the photo)


Birgitte J Vennervald


Andrew Richard Williams


Lars Hviid


Kurt Buchmann


Nao Takeuchi-Storm


Christen Rune Stensvold


Brian Lund Fredensborg


Stig Milan Thamsborg


Annette Olsen (not in the photo)



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